Thursday, July 8, 2010

Put Transportation Options in the American Dream

The National Disability Institute is asking for short videos from people with disabilities that define their concept of the New American Dream. Examples are starting a business, saving money, and buying a home. Getting around towns, cities and regions is an integral tool for realizing those dreams. So, if your organization is promoting participation in the New American Dream project, mention transportation options, such as public transit, pedestrian-friendly streets, vanpools, and more, for the means to achieve the dreams of people with disabilities.

How to Give People with Disabilities More Transportation Options

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has written a good article that explains the benefits of travel training. Transit Agency Travel Trainers Help People Overcome Fears of Riding Regular Buses concentrates on the assistance that people who are disabled can receive to transition from paratransit to conventional transit.

Easter Seals Project ACTION
has an Introduction to Travel Training three-day course that provides travel trainers with knowledge in the classroom that is directly applied and practiced on the street, supplying constructive feedback from trainers and colleagues.

In 1999, the Transit Cooperative Research Program, in TCRP Report 49: Using Public Transportation to Reduce the Economic, Social, and Human Costs of Personal Immobility, explained the economic and social benefits of travel training.

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