Monday, August 30, 2010

Zero and Low Emission Modes Get AASHTO's Attention

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) had two interesting articles in its weekly newsletter, both involving transit.

First is Boulder's new initiative:, which promotes commuting to work less, even just one day a week less, and instead biking, walking, using transit, carpooling or telecommuting. Similar to Idaho's I-Way program, the site encourages use of alternatives to the single occupancy vehicle and producing less pollution. There is also a link there that connects to a national trail site with walking routes in every state.

30/10 Plan Reaches Across Party Lines

Second is Los Angeles' 30/10 plan, which seeks to implement a 30-year transit plan within 10 years by using the long-term revenue from a half-cent sales tax, estimated to produce $13 billion for transit, as collateral for long-term bonds and a federal loan. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D. Calif.) was promoting the mayor's idea at LA's city hall. The LA Times reports:

"We are going to get it done and it's going to be a template for the nation," Boxer said during the hourlong forum. "Everything we do is job-focused, but everything we do has to be deficit-neutral, except emergencies …. We have to leverage every single penny that we can."

The newspaper story also stated that Boxer's Republican rival in the upcoming election also backs the ambitious transit plan.

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