Wednesday, September 15, 2010

President Obama Wants to Talk to Communities about Healthcare Law

This just in from the Administration on Aging newsletter:

Health Care Conference Call with President Obama

Faith and Community Leaders are invited to join President Obama for a conference call to discuss key new benefits under the Affordable Care Act. We want to ensure that community leaders like you have the most up-to-date information and resources about these new benefits to share with your communities and congregations.

The conference call will begin at 4:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, September 21, 2010. You do not need to RSVP for this call. For those with internet access, please join the call online at: For those without internet access, please dial: 1-888-455-6860 or 1-866-844-9416.

On September 23rd, the six month anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, several new health care benefits begin to apply: eligible young people up to age 26 can stay on their parents’ health plan, key prevention benefits are covered without co-pays or deductibles in new plans, and insurance companies may no longer deny coverage to kids because of pre-existing conditions or drop someone from coverage because of a paperwork mistake.

President Obama will speak about how consumers and communities are already benefiting from the new law. HHS officials will provide an update on how the Affordable Care Act is being implemented, highlight new outreach resources, and answer questions from community and faith leaders. Community and faith leaders will also share their efforts to bring the benefits of health care reform home to communities.

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