Monday, December 13, 2010

Latest Resources and News

The Administration on Aging has a new newsletter, the Affordable Care Act News, which debuted with the November issue.

A new pro-transit news feed has started up with headlines from different sources about funding, legislation, projects, and transit-oriented development. It definitely has political leanings, but it does supply a stream of snapshots for whatever is happening on a particular day. The feed, called The Other Side of the Tracks, is put together by Jeff Wood, Reconnecting America's New Media Director and Chief Cartographer.

Read about the new multi-modal transportation facility serving an airport with buses, rail and parking. The Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) own Peter Rogoff wrote a guest post on the Secretary's blog, the Fastlane, about completion of a critical passenger rail route that connects Warwick, Providence, and Boston.

Transporting health care to children is part of the mission of the Children’s Health Fund (CHF). Now CHF is adding another mobile medical clinic to its fleet, this time taking it to the streets of Detroit (okay, could not resist the Motown lyric reference), specifically schools and youth centers.

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