Monday, March 28, 2011

Social Media and Creative Advocacy

Jewish Federations of North America
For those interested in the non-profit world, JFNA keeps a non-profit blog list on its website. Scroll down to the last list on the page. Some of the non-profit blogs focus on social media and technology, others on philanthropy and advocacy.

National Head Start Association

NHSA has begun an advocacy campaign, Hands-In for Head Start, which is an old-fashioned "contact your congressman" campaign" with a twist. The twist is that Head Start pre-schools are creating murals representing their classes with childrens' handprints and names; on the bottom is written the total number of children "in the classroom/agency, with the name of the classroom/agency, and where it is located." Parents are encouraged to give the murals to members of Congress and the Senate with suggestions for talking points, press releases, photographs and videos.

National Association of Development Organizations

NADO's technical assistance center, RPO America, tweets a link to a New York Times mapping of Census data. Beware: this is cool and will distract you. Colors are wonderfully used. Okay, yes, I looked first at Brooklyn, that's Kings County, by the way, but you can see such places as Holt County, Nebraska and Chaves County, New Mexico.

Local Stories

Long commutes across county lines see the Ohio State University offer vanpools and guaranteed parking and ride homes for vanpoolers who sometimes need a more flexible option. Read about this other vanpool activity in Licking County, Ohio. Thanks to the Joblinks twitter feed for the link. Follow at JobTransInfo. (Joblinks is a technical assistance center at the Community Transportation Association of America.

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