Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aging and Disabilities Organizations: Federal Budget Proposal; State Services and Funding

National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities
NASUAD posts a chart that translates both the President's proposed budget and expected funding in terms of programs that serve senior citizens. Transportation is included, but the list is vast. NASUAD also released a state-of-the-state report that reviews state aging services. This is one of those reports with fascinating and informative tables for anyone interested in what states pay for which services and what is covered by Medicaid in different states.

Related to the reports described above is one that AARP prepared with NASUAD staff. On the Verge: The Transformation of Long-Term Services and Supports discusses state budgets, staffing and policy trends. Notable is a discussion of the uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act.

Paralyzed Veterans of America

PVA and other veterans groups release the annual Independent Budget, a veterans-focused analysis of the President's budget proposals, with advocacy for increased funding in particular areas. There are sections relating to employment, education and medical care. Transportation is discussed in the medical care section.

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