Monday, June 7, 2010

Emergency Preparedness - Draft DOT Strategic Plan part 5

Department of Transportation Draft Strategic Plan

Acknowledging that I am not an expert in this area, the proposals seem logical, but addressed to any time period, as though similar language cold have been used in 1940. In non-specific language, the plan discusses preparing for continuity of operations, developing security policies, coordination with the Department of Homeland Security (yes that would have been a different agency in 1940), and dealing with the youngest potential danger on the block, cyber threats.

The plan recommends grants and technical assistance to plan and train for “effective emergency response to transportation incidents involving hazardous materials” and to provide for the improvement of state and local response to emergencies.

Virtually no specifics are given and no performance measures are proposed. Admittedly, with potential and actual emergencies covering a wildly broad spectrum of dangers, preventive procedures and responses, there is little this a strategic plan could say without launching into a 50-page manual on this topic alone. But then fewer people would read the proposed plan than are reading the current 74-page document.

So if you actually know anything about emergency response and preparedness, this is your opportunity to share your expertise with DOT. Remember that DOT invites the public to comment on its proposals.

This is the final entry about the draft plan. Next entry will be about something completely different.

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